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If you keep firing and wiring those networks in your brain, the hardware eventually becomes the software program and making choices that are in alignment with your future becomes more automatic. When you do it enough times, as we walk as our future self this behavior becomes the habit of the new self. This is how we create new habits of thought and behavior. Then one day you naturally walk from your front door to your car as that future person—not as the unconscious programs that you normally live by.⁣

One of the other major hurdles in this process of becoming is to teach your body to emotionally feel your future. The more you can feel the emotions of your future, the less likely you will be to live in lack and separation, because the longer we condition our body into the emotions of our future, the more we feel like that future has already happened. If you felt like your future had already happened, then you wouldn’t worry or stress, and you wouldn’t try to force, wish, or predict future outcomes. Instead, you would just know your future is coming towards you, so all you have to do is receive it when it comes knocking on your door. Staying in that energy the entire day is the work. So the work then is not just doing the mediation, getting up, starting your day and going unconscious—it’s to create a new habit where you’re unconsciously, subconsciously and automatically living in the emotions of your future.⁣

The practice then is first doing the meditation, then understanding why you’re doing it, and finally assigning meaning to the process. If you can master this process, you’ll be able to stand in line in the bank, at the grocery store, or be stuck in traffic and be living in your future instead of going into the unconscious programs of your past. If you were more aware of who you were being in that moment, then you could actually elevate your body’s energy while you’re standing there, knowing that the more you stay in this energy, the more you draw your future to you.

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