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"What do you do when ALMOST hitting your income goal
doesn't count?

  The solution isn't rocket science.
It's Strategy, Discipline & Energy."
Takiyah Diamond

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The Power To Profit: The wealth consciousness & self-mastery guide to abundance by: Takiyah Diamond


​Do the wealthy think and grow rich?

Of course, they do. But there's so much more to it than just thinking.

Getting past the struggle mentality and creating wealthy habits put you in alignment with where abundance lives.


You are not bound by your genetics. But they do impact your life in so many ways until you develop your abilities to master yourself. Within you is the power to transform your DNA and your life.


The idea of "Money" doesn't have to be fearful. Having lots of it doesn't have to be hard. It's time you know the truth about "Money" and how to generate more of it for you from the inside out.


What if money was a magnet to you and wealth-building was easy? What would your life look like if you had the wisdom that drew to you more than enough to share and spare? How would you feel? What habits don't you have that Rich people do? Obtain wisdom of the ages to accessing your external & internal Power to Profit.

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The Financial Intelligence Blueprint To Getting Your Finances In order Once & For All

Poverty is a reality you experience based on your financial mentality. 

While many struggle with money problems in today's society, the truth is money isn't the problem at all. If you have money problems, you simply lack the financial intelligence required in order to make money, manage money and multiply your money.  This guide will give you the "ground foundation" blueprint you need to get your finances in order once and for all.


Get ready to say goodbye to debt, understand money as the tool it is, and how to use it to benefit your life instead of controlling your life outcomes. 

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