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  iManifest Money Manifestaion Journal

Discover The Money Habits & Beliefs Hindering Your Financial Success.

Do fear, doubt & uncertainty have a hold on you? Are these hidden saboteurs causing a lack of clarity on the actions that would change everything for you in your business?

Get ready to say yes! Yes, to more Money!  
There's more where that came from!

Your F.eelings, B.eliefs, T.houghts & Emotions matter more than you know.

However, the reason you don't have the cash flow you want in your business isn't just the F.B.T.E's. 

It's your current self-image and the habits attached to it!



by the end of this course you will understand: 

Your Money Vibe


Money is a vibration that the majority deny themselves.

Just like health, well being, and love are vibrations that one

can deny one's self.

This usually happens unconsciously, meaning you are unaware

of the rejection vibrations you send out towards the very things you

intend to have for yourself.

Course Take-Away

  • Know exactly what do to shift your energy and attract money to you now. 


Your Money Habits

Based on the environment you were surrounded by and the people who raised you, you have inherited & adopted the beliefs of other people that have been passed down to you.

 They don't belong to you.

Yet, these habits and beliefs are limiting the amount of money you earn because you lack awareness of what's happening

on a subconscious level keeping you 

income level stagnant.

Course Take-Away

Recognize common money patterns that strip 
your cash confidence & what I did  
that trippled my income.

Reconstruct and develop the right wealthy habits
that transform your relationship & reality with

Implement holistic and scientifically proven strategies that help you confidently produce more cash in your business from your brain into your bank account mentally and energetically.


Your Money Blueprint

What are you downloading? 

Your brain is like a computer.

It holds the data of your daily experiences.

It's your back up system when you are not thinking for yourself. It usually sabotages things for you. 


ON YOUR (hardware) BRAIN

to see a radical shift in your financial reality.

Course Take-Away:


Gain Access To The Programmer to Alter Your Money Blueprint

  • Your money blueprint will change & so will your bank account balance. 




Writing out my Fab day was miraculous. Right when I completed it, what I was asking for began to show up in what felt like immediately.  My co-worker just bought something up to me that I have been wanting to do for a long time. Takiyah Diamond,  your work is doing wonders. I see and I know what's going to happen. I'll be enrolling in the 90 Day Signature Course for more Financial Groth opportunities.

 I Appreciate & Thank You So Much.  I love that you are real, approachable, and actually build with your students. We don't feel left out to the wolves. The community is amazing and we are all still in contact holding one another accountable.  

Tanisha Yates - Travel Agent/Travel Bogger


The Money psychology course truly helps you to get in alignment with the universe to prepare you to attract money! I learned my money blocks, I learned how to unblock those blocks and now money flows freely to me ( No im not rich yet) but I now know how to call money forth, I know how to align my energy with the universe to manifest whatever I call forth! I know understand the psychology of money, and how easy it is for your subconscious to block you from Abundance and overflow if you're not constantly feeding it positive high energy vibrations.

If your struggling with Financial road blocks get yourself into the next Money Psychology Upgrade Training

Shadirah Brydsell - Credit Repair & Financial Literacy 

Rise Above Poverty

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