You deserve to live " THE GOOD LIFE! " Aha, moments await you. The "Minds Up" Transformation book series has the tools and jewels you need to utilize your untapped abilities that alter your mindset and lifestyle, personally and financially.


Without knowing how you arrived at where you are in major areas of your life, you'll always struggle to do what it takes to get to where you want to be. These self-help guides of wisdom uncover the veils to self-mastery, productive success habits, confidence, and wealth conscious behaviors that get you from imagination to actualization.

Ready to shift? The minds up book series was created with you, the world changer, in mind. 

Get Your Life Together 


It's easy to blame society or other people for our problems, but what if I told you that most of the problems you have today you created them yourself? This Guide will show you why that happens by giving you an understanding of the root and core to these issues so you may pull up the weeds and plant new seeds for a transformed life. Become enlightened on why you're stuck and learn how to get unstuck by simply making a choice to learn a few secrets that will help you "GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER." With lessons like why you should " Never Mix Business With Pleasure" and if you do, learn the keys it takes to make that relationship work for you rather than against you; "No More Drama," learn the reason why putting people in your business is bad business, "Two Can Play That Game," why tip for tap will only destroy your friendships and relationships creating trust issues that cause you to lose yourself not prove the point you intended to make. This guide will wake you up and teach you the elements of living from a limitless mindset so that you will have clarity in knowing the do's and dont's it takes to " Get your LIfe Together".                                                        

7 Things You Need To Change, To Change Your Life.

ISBN-13: 978-1365831478


Life’s challenges always has its way of bringing us to a crossroad. You've landed, center stage, making the decision to continue in the direction that leads you once again into a brick wall, or choosing an unfamiliar path leading to a renewed life. If it’s one thing that humans are known to despise, it's change. Change seems to ignite the fight or flight mental muscles that give you a power boost, running the wrong way. What would it take to demolish those barriers and send them tumbling down? YOU! It requires you to make some changes if you really want to see a change. This guide will give 7 things you need to change to change your life, allowing you to live on fire by desire, rather than disaster by default.

Wisdom Words Of Consciousness



Emotions, solutions, and challenges are just a few things that play a part in our lives. However, at times, the going get's tough and you wonder " which way am I going"? Not everyone that comes in your life, will stay in your life forever. Many are sent to teach you lessons and then you move on. There are obstacles that are just "Experiences" you need to grow through to get you to the next task. It's that voice that says not many words, but just the right words to lift you up or wake you up! Become empowered and enlightened on how to use Affirmations, Manifestation, Visualization techniques and more to begin telling another story rather than the one you've been telling yourself all this time. You can have a positive productive and peaceful life. The guidance you need on your journey when your heads down, is found in "Wisdom Words Of Consciousness."

From Poverty To Profit


Change Your Mindset Change Your Money! That's how you get from Poverty to Profit! It's time get past the poor mentality and create wealthy habits that put you in alignment where abundance lives. Although you may have made many attempts to figure out why Money keeps its distance from you, hardships continue to disturb your happiness, plague your mind and interfere with your daily life. The idea of "Money" has had a hold on you long enough. It's time you know the truth about "Money", and how to use it to generate more of it to you. Financial freedom is your birthright, but if you feel stuck as to how to increase your bank account balance, this guide is for you. I will reveal to you the lies you've been told about money that deeply affect what's in your wallet, but I will also reveal the action steps you can begin taking right now that have the ability to change your financial future forever. Discover ways to make money while you sleep from passive income streams, get answers to your investment questions, and also learn how to save, because you've never been taught. What habits don't you have that Rich people do? You will know the do's and the don'ts it takes to move you "From Poverty to Profit."

The Power To Profit


Do the wealthy think and grow rich? Of course, they do. But there's so much more to it than just thinking. Get past the struggle mentality and create wealthy habits that put you in alignment with where abundance lives. You are not bound by your genetics, but they do impact your life in so many ways until you develop your abilities to master yourself. Within you is the power to transform your DNA and your life. The idea of "Money" doesn't have to be fearful, and having lots of it doesn't have to be hard. It's time you know the truth about "Money", and how to use it to generate more of it to you from the inside out. What if money was a magnet to you and wealth building was easy? What would your life look like if you had the wisdom that drew to you more than enough to share and spare? How would you feel? What habits don't you have that Rich people do? Obtain wisdom of the ages to accessing your external & internal "Power to Profit".










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